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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  December 27, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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we have ratified contract with ac transit. cheers and relief after a transit strike was averted. within the past 25 minutes we have learned that ac transit have come to an agreement. >> the votes are in and tonight the transit workers have ended the threat of a possible strike.
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this is the third time union members have voted on a deal they rejected the first two. ktvu's jana katsuyama live at the union hall in oakland when that announcement came less than an hour ago. jana. >> reporter: frank, ac transit has nearly 80,000 riders no doubt relieve had the the buses will continue running. and tonight here is what the un president said -- what the union president said. >> we're very satisfied that the riders will get the service they're used to and they deserve. the atu local 192 represents about 1,600ac transit bus drivers and mechanics, clerical workers and other workers who keep this
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system running. under this new contract union members will receive a pay raise over the three year contract. that is re retro active to october. as you mentioned earlier this was really a hard fought contract with the union's rank in file rejects two tentative agreements. i'm hearing from sources that the margin was 100 votes between the yeses and the noes. the union says that the ac transit board will need to approve the deal as well. but they are not expecting any difficulties. i just got off the phone about five minutes ago with an ac transit representative and he tells me that the board is seven members. they are expected to meet on january 8. and at this point it's not clear whether they will take this up at that meeting or call for a special meeting to handle this contract. but again, the big news tonight ac transit's union, the atu
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local 192 has approved this third deal after rejecting two. so the buses will continue running and it appears that this is a three year deal so it will go on into the future. and then we'll see what happens after that. but for now, reporting live in o akland, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. the emotional fight to keep a 13-year-old oakland teen on life support escalated into another heated exchange outside children's hospital. as alex savidge tells us the rising tension comes as the family receives yet another set back. >> i've told you what the honest truth is. >> are you a doctor? >> no. >> reporter: the argument got hot. but the hospital seems intent to stop her heartbeat. >> it takes care of the
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indigent and the poor. a tragedy occurred here. the only thing you're doing is prolonging the tragedy. >> reporter: the family is fighting to keep the 13-year- old girl on life support until she can be moved to a long term care facility. >> we need to buy more time. we will have to go in court and buy more time. we'll have to do this through any means necessary. >> reporter: before mcmath can be taken to a new hospital, she will need a feeding tube. children's hospital will not do that surgery because jahi is legally dead. but the hospital said they would allow an outside doctor to conduct those procedures in an effort to enable to transfer. >> this is an attorney perpetuating a myth that jahi will get better. she unfortunately is not.
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she is dead. >> reporter: the family's attorney believes the hospital is purposely putting up roadblocks. >> because what this hospital is doing is telling this family we're going to decide what's going to happen to jahi not you. even if it kills her and that's absurd. >> reporter: a judge has said that jahi can be removed off life support at the hospital after 5:00 p.m. that's why the family's attorney is planning to file for a new restraining order to keep that from happening. authorities are looking for a man who shot someone to dead on city streets while he was driving. it happened this morning on west oakland near eighth and campbell street. the victim's car ended up coasting to a stop in front of prescott elementary school. by this afternoon, the victim's family had identified him as arbert costin. they also say they hope his death does not contribute to a
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rash of violence. >> he's young and he has two children. and is very sad that these youngsters are killing one another. >> reporter: nelson is the 87 person killed this year. police in daly city are investigating the body found in a store. it's not clear how the man died or how long he had been there. however the workers had also been at the store yesterday and said they didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. oakland police are hoping a picture taken on a stolen cell phone will help find the thief. the man actually took a selfie on the phone. the picture ended up going to the victim's i cloud data base where she saw the photo the very next day. dolman says he and another man
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were armed and also stole a gold necklace. the men may be responsible for other street robberies in the area. the oakland fire department was called out near the airport after the faa control tower called in a lot of black smoke. the smoke was coming from a generator near cargo road. the fire department got the call just after 4:00 this afternoon. but the oakland airport spokesman said it was not a fire but a smoking generator. the equipment was repaired and no flights were affected. now to our continuing coverage of that massive data breach at target. the retailer now says that debit card pins were among the financial information stolen from customers. this admission comes a week and a half after target said up to 40 million accounts may have been affected during the busy holiday shopping season. and tonight people are starting to receive new credit and debit cards in some cases unsolicited. it's because a lot of banks and credit unions are being proactive in protecting
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customers. amber lee live in alameda after talking to target customers who say they are keeping a close eye on their credit and can debit cards. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: i spoke to a lot of target customers and they tell me how they're keeping an eye on purchases. it's a popular spot for shoppers. but the security breach involving debit and credit card information is on the minds of many. >> i try to use cash as much as i can. since that happened i try to use card. before that i used my card everywhere. >> reporter: bank and credit card companies are letting people know they're taking measures to take care of their accounts. chase said this is the largest scale security breach we have seen with more than 40 million target customers at risk. the bank has e-mailed notices to customers. some customers tell us they've
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already received their new cards. >> nothing happened. and i'm a long term target customer. >> reporter: sally noman and her husband shopped at target using their target card and they also told us they used the debit card at the store when the breach happened. >> we were actually a little concerned using our target debit card today at the pharmacy and at the register but we're just kind of putting our faith in target that they're doing the right thing. >> it's not just me it's 40 million people. >> reporter: for now people say they will avoid paying on credit and can i be the cards. >> you don't want to get burned twice. >> reporter: wynn is a executive, she says target and the banks have a responsibility to protect the companies but that card holders should also monitor their accounts to track their transactions. >> banks can't protect everybody. and we rely for you to tell us when something goes wrong. >> reporter: i checked with
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several small banks. and they talked to cards who have been compromised. some banks are limiting how much cash customers can take out with their debit cards until they receive their replacement cards. federal unemployment benefits are ending tomorrow for more than 1 million americans. congress failed to extend them when it passed a budget last week. two senators have declared a three month extension but a vote isn't expected until congress returns next month. 36,000 people right here in the bay area will lose their benefits. >> i'm trying not to think about it too much because there's nothing i can do about it. i just don't eat out. i don't go to entertainment things. i just, stretch as much as i can everything i have. >> president obama says he will push congress to move quickly to address what he calls an urgent economic priority. the market plattened out today after six days of increases. the dow lost a point to close
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at 16,478. the nasdaq was down 10 points and the s & p fell less than a point. shares of twitter today took their biggest one day drop since the company's debut on the market a month ago. an analyst with -- capital dropped twitter shares. twitter closed at $63 a share. that's down about $10 even so twitter is still up 150% from its original ipo price. the analyst also said that he thinks twitter does have a bright future and many opportunities ahead. getting around the ban on texting and driving. >> i don't think that's very safe. >> the change that closes a loophole for teens behind the wheel. >> i'll pinpoint how warm it'll get in your area. >> a little boy saved
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new at 10:00, a little boy saved by cpr and very cold water. it was christmas day a family reunion and amidst all the fun a curious child slips away and ends up in a backyard pool.
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debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: this fire station closes every night at 8:00 due to budget cuts. the call on christmas about 7:00 p.m. one of the many things that went right. >> what you doing? >> reporter: wyatt bailey rides his scooter and plays with his new toys. >> reporter: no clue that he was saved from drowning just a few days ago. wyatt's mom wasn't there but his father and older brother were. a big family christmas party at an aunt's home in clayton. a place wya the -- wyatt slipped off to explore. his dad grabbed his limp son and started cpr, he learned
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many years ago in the army. contra costa fire giving guidance. and after a few breaths. >> that's a beautiful sound right there. that's what we want to hear. yes that's perfect. perfect. perfect. >> the joy of when i saw him open his eyes and start to respond. >> reporter: responding but still in danger say paramedics on scene in four minutes. >> he remained in an altered state and was basically moaning the entire time. he wasn't able to answer any questions. >> reporter: wyatt was wrapped for warmth in the hospital but the cold water had helped save him by slowing his body functions and staving brain damage. once his mom got to the room. >> he knew everybody that was there. all he kept asking is he wanted to get home. >> reporter: now he's home and not getting out of his family's sight. wyatt tells him he remembers falling in the pool but is unphased by it. they say he's been a fighting
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since birth. premature, at one pound. >> everybody just stepped up and did their part in this and that's what's great. >> what's your name? >> what is your name. >> reporter: the bailey's hope their story gets other families thinking about pool safety especially in social gathering and of course the importance of learning cpr. reporting live in clayton, debora villalon. two men are behind bars in connection of a christmas robbery. police arrested 21-year-old ricardo davilos and 20-year-old davonte love turned himself in at the county jail. the two are accused of assaulting and robbing a 68- year-old man in the casino parking lot at about 6:30 on tuesday morning. the victim suffered severe head trauma on that attack. the suspected -- he is 23-year- old john milo halan.
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police say one of his relatives saw this surveillance picture on the news then took him to the police station. police say he stole a woman's purse last friday near el cerrito plaza. a snow boarder with ties to the bay area died in an avalanche. michael cotonski was in a high avalanche risk area. a friend who is a doctor tried to save his life. he split time living in the bay area and jacksonville wyoming. authorities have identified the pilot killed in a plane crash. the plane was flown by timothy farmer. the child with him was his nephew. 9-year-old fin thompson. investigators say farmer came in at a low altitude and made two passes over the runway before the plane clipped a tree and crashed.
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30 people infected with noro virus at a nursing home in walnut creek have recovered the contra costa health department says patients and staff at kindred transitional care and rehabilitation center were treated for the virus last week. authorities say they never discovered the source of the outbreak but added that this time of year is the time of year when they expect to see infections of noro virus on the rise. >> people can die from noro virus and it's usually because it aggravates an underlying condition that the person may have. or you can just get severely dehydrated which can be a cause of death. >> noro virus is a common highly contagious illness that affects 20 million people in the last year. it's also the most common cause of food bourn illness in the u.s. the bay area is getting in the full swing. flu cases have spiked in the last week. >> reporter: 1-year-old isabela
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sanchez knew something was coming. but this little girl toughed it out and felt better. flu season is here. officials at kaiser permanente say flu season is official when 10% of the cases with flu like symptoms test positive for influenza. in the past week the number jumped to 19%. >> most of the time it manifests with a fever, a lot of achiness and then a cough. >> reporter: many people were going to the energy room for treatment against the flu. but the best treatment is prevention. most people we met at this cvs said they had gotten the flu shot. but one family planned not to. >> we've never gotten them. we have been okay. and we think getting sick is part of staying healthy too. >> some of them are quite miserable. it can be a very unpleasant illness and it can be a
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dangerous illness. particularly in people who are chronically ill. who have problems with their heart and lung. but occasionally in very healthy people it can be serious. >> the solution is the flu shot. it's get vaccinated. wash your hands. avoid close contact with people that are sick. >> doctors say this year's flu shots are very effective at preventing this season's flu. in santa clara, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a lot of cloud cover today across the entire bay area. right now the main cloud band is shifting to the south. as a result we do have clearing skies out there. in fact, partly cloudy conditions across a good portion of the region. that's after a cooler afternoon. temperatures today cooled off five to 10 degrees from yesterday's readings. you can see the highs from this
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afternoon. lots of 50s. warmest locations. basically in the lower 60s in downtown san mateo and san jose. there's a look at all of that overcast and lots of clear skies. at least a few clear breaks in the clouds producing that beautiful sunset out there. but still lots of overcast. at least a couple of hours ago over the past two hours those clouds have been spinning out. overnight lows will be cold. san jose 39 degrees to start out your saturday. coming up the warmest day of the weekend when we could be tracking 70s and i'll let you know if we have any rain clouds in the five day forecast. a spare the air alert is still in place tonight. the ban in its sixth straight day. a high pressure system that mark was mentioning over the bay area has kept pollution from moving into the region. tomorrow's air alert is the 21st of the season. that means it is illegal to use fireplaces, wood stoves and outdoor fire pits unless they
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are your only source of heat. violators could be fined as much as $500. the final report released on that massacre at an elementary school in new town. the details revealed about the gunman. plus -- >> his body has been identified but not the cause of his death. the questions police need answered in the case of a 23- year-old brazilian student. and a big payday. a las vegas
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a body found floating in the water near san francisco's mccovey cove has been identified as that of a missing brazilian student. >> reporter: san francisco's medical examiner this morning confirm had the the body found
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floating in the water near mccuvey cove sex weeks ago is that of paulo neto. a visiting student. he disappeared after a panicked call to his sister . >> he said kevin please help me. please help me. please help me. if you're in trouble call the police. they are the best people that can help you. he said, oh, oh, oh then he hung up. >> reporter: the big question who is the man in the surveillance camera picture. police believe he used neto's credit card at this mission district mcdonalds the day he disappeared. police did not release the cause of neto's death. >> if it's a homicide, then we'll initiate a homicide investigation. if it's other wise it will stay as the medical examiner's case.
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>> reporter: neto's family came to san francisco after his death to distribute fliers to the public. >> it's sad when there was first the notice that the body had been found in the bay. i had a bad feeling about that. >> reporter: castro community on patrol says it will update these missing student fliers to encourage tips. >> as time goes on people's memories are going to start getting fuzzy. >> reporter: neto's sister says she hopes his remains are returned and will come next week to visit with investigators. the report includes hundreds of photos, hours of video and crime scene reports. and it concluded that gunman adam lanza carefully planned the attack which killed 20 first graders and six adults. but that his true motives may never be known. it's also said that lanza
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created a spread sheet of some of the worse mass murders. his former fourth grade teacher says that lanza would write reports so violent that they could not be read in class. the security agencies program collected american's telephone records is legal. a federal judge in new york today said the program is a valuable part of the nation's efforts to combat the threat of terrorism. last week a judge in washington, d.c. ruled that the program was likely unconstitutional. the next stop for these cases are appeals court. the supreme court could potentially step in if the -- continues. how you can score some of the most popular songs of 2013 for free. plus teens texting while driving and not getting tickets but not in 2014. the new law that closes the loophole. and it was just named th
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we're now on that breaking news we brought you at the top of this newscast. ac transit bus operators, mechanics and other union workers have approved an agreement. members had been voting all day. this is the third vote taken. the deal though must still go before the ac transit board for final approval. and the board's next meeting is scheduled for january 8th. a new at 10:00, the new year will bring new state laws including one that closes a very large texting loophole. ktvu's noelle walker is live and tells us this law targets teens. noelle. >> reporter: technology like this is supposed to make our lives easier but too much technology at our fingertips
11:31 pm
can be dangerous. a new law starting january 1st is meant to keep things from voice texting while driving. this evening we took a ride. looking for lawbreakers you see on the roads every day. maybe you've even been one of them. >> move to the left. >> i stopped you for texting while driving. >> reporter: san francisco, san jose have the most cell phone texting violations of the year. >> we're trying to get them to the very basic thing that when you're behind the wheel of a car you must drive. >> reporter: it opened a loophole but also allowed teens previously banned from using cell phones at all behind the wheel to use hands free texting on january 1st. a new law will change that making it illegal for teens to use voice commands like siri to
11:32 pm
text friends while they drive. >> being on your phone even getting to get siri to work you have to glance down and i don't think it's very safe. >> reporter: which brings us back to that driver that officer hill pulled over. >> the reason it's illegal because it's distracted driving. if you're holding a phone it is distracting. >> reporter: teens are the highest at risk. noelle walker. ktvu channel two news. a new federal law will take effect in the new year. it will require schools to stock epinephrin injectors for those kids with allergies. >> currently approximately two to 6% of all children have some
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form of food allergy. if you think about that that's really about one to two children in every classroom in america on average. >> individual states will have to pass their own version of the law before schools can get the injectors. with very little training any teacher or school member can be thought to use those injectors. 54% of the people who responded to the poll disapproved of quan's performance. still 32% said they would vote for her again over the other declared candidates. in a mock election by council member rebecca capland who has not said she is running, major quan still got 52%.
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activists cindy sheehan now has her sights on becoming mayor. sheehan gained national attention after her soldier son casey was killed in iraq back in 2004. and then she staged a protest outside then president george w. bush's texas ranch. the bay area is home to two of the city's highest median income. the tech industry gets the credit. washington, d.c. ranks second with bridge port connecticut coming in third. boston came in at number five. this is a second year in a row that san jose has been named the richest city but as ktvu's robert handa tells us people there are both proud but also a
11:35 pm
little apprehensive. >> san jose get it is attention but the richest city title area is really the san francisco area. >> it helps with the imagine. the fact that there are people who have money are staying here. >> the u.s. census bureau awarded the area. the south beach group known for broadcasting the san jose -- >> you have to pay people a whole lot more to live in an area where expenses are ridiculously high. >> reporter: in san jose 1/4 of home sales are done with cash. >> it does make it harder for the guy who has to qualify for financing to get that property. >> i think the city should do a better job in fast tracking housing. >> reporter: the point is that san jose is still scraping by
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budget wise and needs more tech companies. >> our metropolitan area has great jobs and great wealth, what creates tax revenue in the city of san jose are employers. >> reporter: but south bay research is optimistic about san jose keeping its title. >> 2014 wouldn't be surprised if they didn't come back and did it again. >> reporter: it would be politically difficult for the city to change the demographic program, because how do you cry poor when you're rich. google play is offering up kanye west latest album jeezus. from below freezing to near 70 degrees. the time line on some big temperature swings where you live this season. plus the game that gives back. why today's hunger bowls will
11:37 pm
be the last of its kind. and next, a tsunami aaçó@
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so all the presents have been opened. now all the boxes and wrapping is left over and today we learn that all that christmas trash is higher this year than it was in years past. tom vacar tells us the increase is due in large part to the internet. >> reporter: here at pier 96 trucks that can drive right in the door and drop off their loads had to wait in line for what's easily double the double volumes. the reason internet shopping shipping boxes. >> i've been here for 20 years i've never seen volumes like what we've got today and we
11:40 pm
have to get all this stuff recycled because there's another group of big loads coming in tomorrow. >> reporter: for tens of millions of americans, internet shopping is part of if not all of how they holiday shop. >> kind of have a lot of boxes at home i don't know what i'm going to do with. >> i probably do 50, 60, 70% of my shopping on the internet. >> reporter: but they're rethinking that. >> retailers like amazon have cut down a lot of the shipping. >> we have to think about that since it's so much these days. >> when they ship materials over here that we're buying electronics and other things they all come in a cardboard box. when the ships go back they carry these bails of cardboard because they have to make new cardboard boxes. >> if you think this is a lot.
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monday it'll be a lot lot larger. a virtual avalanche of wrappings all which have to be recycled in a single day. workers in new york city are getting ready for the famous new york eve's ball drop in time square. the ball has 2,600 triangles. nearly 1 million people will see the festivities live there in time square and more than 1 billion people are expected to watch the ball drop. the stranded russian ship is carrying 74 professional and amateur scientists researching climate change. one of the ice breakers got within about 15 miles of the ship today before it too got stuck. a third ice breaker is now making its way through the area to offer help. the hope is it can make a pass for the russian ship to follow
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in the next few days. controversial reality show star phil robertson got the okay today to go back to work. the a & e network suspended robertson after he made comments about both gay and black people. a & e said it would resume taping the program with robertson in spring. the network also said it would begin a network ad campaign to bring acceptable within all people. cheering on a good cause. thousands head to at&t park tonight for the fight hunger bowl. why the game is moving south next year. and it was cool and cloudy across much of the bay area. our meteorologist mark tamayo is coming up. just to let you know if those clouds will stick around for the weekend. it's n
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san francisco tonight hosted the fight hunger bowl. ktvu's paul which -- paul chambers was there and explained how the game that gives back is moving to the south bay. >> reporter: the band and cheer leaders from the university of washington led fans into at&t park today as the huskies take on the cougars from byu. when the bowl was first played in 2002 it was called the diamond walnut san francisco bowl. leaders say it was created to bring business between christmas and new year. >> they've been tremendous partners. next year we will be moving down to levi stadium in santa clara. >> reporter: bowl leaders say the change in venue will be the
11:46 pm
only difference. glide memorial church, st. anthony's and san francisco food bank will still receive donations to fight hunger. and the annual tradition of giving back will also stay the same. >> byu went to st. anthony's this year. anthony to glide. >> it's an excellent opportunity to give back to the community. it's a very good example to set. >> at least to this time of season and what the christmas spirit should be about. >> businesses say they donated 3,000-tons of meals. they expect this crowd to be around 35,000 people. in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. skiers and snow boarders have having to pick and choose their locations. boreal and snow bowl are having
11:47 pm
to use snow making machines to account for it. >> there have not been a lot of breaks from school. >> i haven't done it in a couple of years so i was determined to come out. over all it's been good. >> reporter: the snow park at nayak had more than a few rough patches but the families who took their sleds there seemed to have a great time with their kids inspite of the sparse snow. and today we have clouds cover out there. everyone cooler temperatures all because of the weak system. those clouds already on the move. we're talking about warmer temperatures just in time for your weekend. right now on live storm tracker number two here's the loop. you notice the clouds shifting to the south at closer inspection. the clouds focus closer to monterey bayful we could definitely use the rainfall but this was not a rain producer at all. not everyone a drop out there but there's still plenty of overcast. with the clearing skies, temperatures dropping off rapidly. you can see already 30s to
11:48 pm
report out toward santa rosa. napa, fairfield, san francisco, downtown 51 in san jose in the upper 40s. so in these areas the coldest spots will be right around 30. everyone a few upper 20s in some of the projected inland bay valleys. first thing tomorrow morning, off to a cold start for tomorrow. we've been talking a lot about the spare the air day alert for you saturday. in terms of the air quality it has been improving just a little bit. typically you want to keep the numbers down for reference. most neighborhoods coming down by just a little bit for tomorrow. not too much changed and i think we may have another spare the air alert for sunday. monday and into tuesday of next week at least with no major changes. partly to mostly cloudy skies. clouds thinning out. this weekend hazy sunshine. here is our live camera in san francisco starting out the day. tomorrow morning mid-40s on track to reach the lower 60s. beautiful looking out to city hall. the extended partly cloudy skies a dry weather pattern is
11:49 pm
here to stay. here is that cloud area heading out to our south and east. that will continue to head to the south. no rain drops expected. in fact, the opposite high pressure returns this weekend. that's the source of our warming for saturday and sunday. the warmest day will be on sunday. but temperatures could be in the upper 60s to near 70 degrees. we can definitely use the rainfall. we'll have to wait until 2014 with maybe hints of pattern change by january 5th or 6th so we'll keep an eye on that. this pattern could increase the fire danger. especially down toward southern california. here's our forecast. lots of sunshine out there for your saturday and also into sunday. if you are headed to the coast just be extra careful tomorrow and all weekend long an increase in the well. definitely the swells are trending up. as far as tomorrow you can see the temperature headline. a slow start but close
11:50 pm
recovery. temperatures tomorrow up a good four to 8 degrees. a few neighborhoods back up into the upper 60s to right around 70 degrees. here is a look ahead. your five day forecast. you will notice temperatures continue to warm up into sunday and as we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014. no rain clouds there. just partly cloudy skies. so if you make new year plans no umbrellas needed. the las vegas cab driver who returned $340 left in the backseat of his car has been handsomely rewarded. he was given $4,000 by the poker player. this after the cab company he worked for gave him $1,000. >> good things happen to people who do good things. good things happen to the
11:51 pm
warriors when they play against -- >> steph curry did not play well tonight. he finished with 14, 15 and 13. that's my old high school locker combination. and there's curry weaving in for a basket. he may just five of his 17 shots tonight but the warriors blow out the suns by 29 points. curry again dribbles like he's curly neil of the old globe trotters. and dunk. warriors 36% shooting. curry clutches his third career triple double. an iguodala for the three. warriors win. sharks also played a team from phoenix and tonight against the coyotes they went to a shoot out. shark fans are everywhere in every size. this youngster attended tonight's game in arizona.
11:52 pm
joe pavelski centers the shot. then comes back to tie it and it comes down to a shoot out. patrick marlow challenges smith. marlow also scored in regulation. it's up to antidiemi to deny and deny he does. sharks win their fourth straight. their tied for third best in the western conference. 49ers and manningham on reserve. but they omg, jack. have you ever checked out these new product ideas people post on your page?
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they're kind of amaze. yeah - that's where i got the ideas for my new- fajita ranch melt. seasoned chicken with a gooey blend of pepper jack cheese, roasted peppers and onions, on toasted sourdough for just $3.99. is that where you also got the idea for that clock bracelet you always wear? my watch? no...these were invented a long time ago.
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like in the 80's? the nfl's new format for this year's probowl puts afc
11:56 pm
and nfc probowlers in one bowl. so it's possible teammates will play against each other in honolulu and that could happen to the 49ers because four defensive and four offensive players were selected this afternoon. that includes brooks, willis, and this man. smith also made the probowl. they could face their teammate vernon davis who scored 12 touchdowns in his 14 games played this year. running backs frank gore and two offense i -- offensive line men are also on the roll. marcell reese was selected to his second consecutive. he's the lone raiders representative this season. now three time probowler asamghua. he played 11 nfl seasons, eight with oakland but never played
11:57 pm
in one single postseason game. this is his only touchdown in 2006 against the steelers. today he thanked all of his mentors. the fans and the late al davis who surprised people when he picked nmandi in the first round. >> when i first got here i was definitely called a reach. and in great al davis fashion he took a reach that he believed in. and instilled confidence in me like nobody else could. and i was able to turn into all he expected me to be. and huskies played byu in the fight hunger bowl. that's john ross, john ross returns this kick off back for the 100-yard touchdown. huskies win 31-16. pac12 teams are now 3-1 in bowl games so far this season and that is sports as we see it this friday night. >> that's remarkable. never got to play in a postseason game and only one
11:58 pm
touchdown. >> and he's one of the most dangerous. >> and a nice guy. >> you bet. and thank you for choosing ktv
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> t.i. at l.a.x., so we say, hey, t.i., mike tyson said he has a lot in his book. >> is it possible to have that much sex in jail? >> what is going on? >> t.i. looked like oh, no! >> at l.a.x., we asked him how old was he and how did he find out santa wasn't real? >> at age 5, my dad said [beep].


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